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Primary2c Kirklandneuk

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Football Festival - Our trip to St Mirren Football Club

Our first term in P2!

We have had a great first term! We have had lots of fun packed learning. We have created life size people as part of our topic - Caring and Helping. We created a policeman, fireman, nurse and lolllipop lady. We all worked great together in our Home teams to create the different people. Our topic is coming to an end this week, and we were very lucky and got a visit from a nurse and the lollipop lady. It was great, we learned lots if interesting facts and we saw some of the eqiupment a nurse uses as part of her job.

This week we also went on a trip to St Mirren Football ground as part of the football festival. As part of PE this term we received football training from St Mirren and this week we got to go with all the other P2 classes as well as other schools to visit the football ground and complete sport activites on the pitch and in the training parks. It was great fun! We also got a tour of the ground, we got to see the trohpie room which in the boardroom which overlooks the pitch, and changing rooms where we got to see the tatics board. We all had a fantastic day!

We are all looking forward to our October break, to have a rest and get ready for Term 2!

Settling into P2!

We have settled into our new class very well and we are looking forward to the year ahead. We have 2 teachers this year, Mrs Smith and Miss McMillan. We have had lots of fun since starting back and we are enjoying our new class. We have been learning lots of new things in maths and language, we have had fun playing active maths and language games to help us with our learning.

We have created a class charter relating to our rights and responsibilities which links into our topic this term, Caring and helping. We have really enjoyed it so far and have been learning lots. We have made class bar graphs and a pictogram. As part of our topic we are learning about people who help us and we are going to create nice art work to show the types of people who help us, and hopefully we will get a visit from people whp help us later in the term.

We have been learning about the Sun, Moon and Stars in Science which has also been fun too.