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Primary2c Kirklandneuk

Monday, 20 April 2015

Our trip to Kelvingrove Museum

                                         Becoming paleontologists at Kelvingrove Museum

                                                             Looking at fossils!

                                                   Sketching for the art competition

                                                     Busy bees!

Term 3

We have been very busy this term learning about dinosaurs and getting our classroom ready to share our learning with you at Open Evening. As part of our topic, we learned about carnivores and herbivores and how to identify different types of dinosaurs. We went into the playground and used a trundle wheel to measure the size of dinosaurs – some were as big as a double decker bus! We hope you enjoyed finding out some dinosaur facts at our Open Evening! 

This term, we had a visit from Mr Hawthorn. He taught us The Easter Story and we learned about the reason for giving and receiving eggs at Easter. 

We have all been working hard to learn our song and poem for the Easter Bonnet Parade and have been making beautiful hats for the occasion. We hope you enjoyed the performance!

We are looking forward to our end of term reward (a pyjama day) and the Easter holidays!

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Term 2

We have had a busy and exciting term 2! We have been learning about forces and friction and have carried out experiments to find out how forces work.

We have also had a chance to use the new iPads and have loved learning how to use various apps. For example, in pairs we created a firework safety eBook using one of the apps. Here are some photos of us using the iPads.

Digital Leaders talking us through the basics. 

This term we have been learning about how to stay safe on Bonfire night. Here are some of our firework chalk pictures. 

We were lucky to have a french teacher visit us this term! She taught us a song in french and played number games so we could practice counting in french.

Road safety has been a focus this term and we talked about the importance of wearing bright clothes so we can be easily seen by drivers. Here are some of the posters we made. 

In language, we wrote book reviews. Here are a few...

Not long to go until Christmas! We have been busy practicing our nativity play and are looking forward to performing it to an audience next week.

P2C and Miss Pritchard hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Friday, 19 September 2014

Our New topic - The Journey of an Egg

This term we have been learning about eggs and how they get from the farm to our fork!

We talked about different ways to eat an egg and voted on our favourite. Scrambled was the winner! We created bar charts with this information.

Our Bar charts ^^^^

We talked about free range and battery hens. In small groups, we discussed the differences between free range and battery hens, then created posters to encourage people to buy free range eggs. Here are some of our super posters….


We have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes in maths and even created our own dice! We also created 2D shape pictures. 


Welcome to P2C's blog! We have had a great first few weeks. We have enjoyed seeing all of our friends again after the long summer holiday. Room 6 is our new classroom and our teacher is Miss Pritchard.

We hope you enjoy hearing about all of our activities and the things we are learning!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Term 4! We all had a great Easter holiday and we are glad to be back! On our first week back we had our class trip to The Museum of Rural Life. It was fabulous! We had a fun day but also we learned lots of interesting facts about the animals and we saw some fascinating things! In the morning we went to the museum part and we saw all the machines farmers would have used a long time ago. We also saw a combine harvester and some old fashioned tractors. The museum was really interesting. After the museum we went to the garden and we were garden detectives, that was great fun! After lunch we went to the farm at the top of the hill on a tractor, that was really exciting and a bumpy ride! We saw the pigs and piglets. Then we saw the cows and baby calves. The cows were really friendly and funny but they were very smelly! Lastly we saw the sheep and the baby lambs that had been born that morning, they were so small. It was a great day and we all loved it! This term our new topic is dinosaurs, we are all so excited as it is really interesting so far. We have been learning about all the different types of dinosaurs and their features. We are now going to be working on our wall displays using the breakout space! We have also been working very hard in maths and language too. We have been learning to tell the time on analogue and digital clocks. This week we completed our sponsored walk around the park, it was great fun and good exercise! We are enjoying being back at school since the holidays and we are all looking forward to the rest of the term.